About me

I am a graduate student in NACS (Program of Neuroscience and Cognitive Science), at the University of Maryland. Here, I work with Dr. Naomi Feldman on speech perception and learning. I am also exploring theories and ideas about music perception, and how the processing of music and language might tell us about auditory perception in general. For more of my research interest, go to the research tab.

I am also a piano-player who plays what I love like a broken record. Since college, I have been practicing Classical voice at the Eastman School of Music, and have performed for fun. Other than performing, I also enjoy studying theories of music and Music History, occasionally composing parodies of the old time. I take music not as a career but very seriously, because as Seneca says:

Mihi crede, verum gaudium res severa est. (Sen. Ep. 23.4)

Chronologically, I am from Kunming, a city in Southwest China. Intriguingly, the official dialect of Kunming is a Northern dialect, with close relation to standard Mandarin. Here is a little project on my hometown dialect. Recently, I graduated from University of Rochester this past May, with a degree in Brain & Cognitive Sciences (B.S.) and another in Linguistics (B.A.). I also minored in Music and in Classics.

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